New Contacts can be added in two ways:

  1. An easy and quick way if you only have a handful of contacts, use the Add Contact button, entering each client one at a time. 
  2. If you have a larger number of clients it might be easier to use the Import Contacts option, using an .xlsx file. This will allow you to bulk-import contacts into your account. 


Add Contact (individually)

This is a quick way to add a Contact when you only need to enter a few clients.  Click on Add Contact and the Add Contact pop up window will open.


First enter the client’s email address. The email address is a unique identifier and will be used as their username when they create a Client Account Portal. Client emails are unique and cannot be duplicated, meaning you cannot add the same email more than once to your account. Hit Next. 


Enter the First and Last name and hit Save.


Your client record will be created and will be displayed on the Contacts page. Click on the first name or last name of your client to open the detailed client record in the Client Page screen, shown below:


Import Contacts

Importing your existing clients or contacts information in bulk is a two-step process. First, download a .xlsx template file from CoachVantage, enter your clients information to the template file and then upload the template file with the client information you have added to it.

1. Click on the Import Contacts button.


2. The Import Contacts pane will pop up. Click on contacts_template.xlsx to download the template Excel file to your local drive. 


Open the contacts_template.xlsx file and enter your existing contacts’ data on each row into the cells. Make sure to SAVE the file as is.

DO NOT change the name of the file or rename any of the cell headers within the file! If you do, the import will fail.

NOTE: In order to have a successful import, it is important that the file name contacts_template.xlsx remains the same. Cell Headers within the file should also remain the same! If either of these is changed, the import will fail.


3. Add all your contacts’ information to the contacts_template.xlsx file and save the file as-is to your computer.

4. Open the Import Contacts pane in CoachVantage once more and click under Step 2: Choose File and select the contacts_tempate.xlsx file that you saved on your computer.

At this point, CoachVantage will upload the file and show a ‘successful import’ message. When you check your Contacts, the fields should be populated with the contacts’ information that you had saved to the template file.  

IN CASE OF A FAILED IMPORT – go back and double-check that the file name and cell headers were not modified.

NOTE: If you are on the Clarity Plan, you can only upload a maximum of 10 Contacts to CoachVantage. If the amount of contacts is exceeded in the .xlsx file, you will receive a notification to remove excess contacts and try the import again.