You can easily configure how often automated appointment reminder emails get sent out to your client. As such, you no longer need to send manual reminders to your clients, thus reducing missed appointments and client no-shows.

To Configure Appointments & Settings,


1. Click on your name and then My Settings on the drop-down menu.

2. Click on Appointments to open the Appointments Settings page.



Appointment Buffer

Determine how much buffer time you would like to set aside before or after a meeting. How much time do you need to get prepared for a meeting? How much time to finish up post-session notes?

You can set a buffer time for before and after a scheduled meeting to automatically block time in CoachVantage.

For example, if you set a buffer time of 10 mins before a meeting and a buffer time of 15 mins after a meeting, CoachVantage will warn you if you try to set up another appointment that falls within the buffer time. You can then choose to ignore the warning and proceed with the appointment invite or you can edit the start/end time of the invite.

By default, the buffer time setting is set to “0” minutes. Choose your preferred buffer time and hit the Save button to save your settings, as shown below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the buffer time setting here applies only to appointment invites when you use the Add New Appointment button, which is found on the Calendar page or on the Contacts > Sessions page. It does not apply to events or programs, which have their own individual buffer time setting. 

Appointment Reminders

Right below the Appointment Settings, you will find the Appointment Reminders settings. You can set appointment reminders for your clients and for yourself. Configure the Appointment Reminders by selecting any of the preset options: 48 hours prior, 24 hours prior and 1 hour prior to the appointment time (refer to the image below). Hit the Save button to save your settings.

Appointment reminder emails are sent automatically by CoachVantage. The content of these emails is not customizable.