You can archive Contacts that you no longer wish to have in your Active Contacts list. This feature comes in handy, especially if you are on the Clarity Plan, with a maximum of 10 Active Contacts.

NOTE: you cannot delete a contact, you can only archive a contact.

You can easily view Archived Contacts, by clicking on the Archived link, as shown below.

To archive a contact, click on the contact’s name from the Contacts page, then:

1. Click on the button menu on the right to get the drop-down.

2. Click on Archive Contact as shown below

A NOTE window will pop-up (see image below) to notify you that archiving the contact will:

  • Disable the client account portal
  • Automatically cancel all future invoices
  • Disable viewing details of the coaching engagement
  • Disallow editing of client information, even though the information can still be viewed.

Click the Archive Contact button to confirm your action to archive your contact.

Once archived:

  1. An Archived flag (in red) appears on the side of the client menu bar.
  2. The contact can be unarchived by selecting the button menu and clicking Unarchive Contact. A drop-down asking to unarchive the Contact will open, click OK.

NOTE: After unarchiving a Contact, all features will be enabled again automatically, however, the Client Portal is Disabled by default and should be manually enabled if you wish for your Client to have access to the Client Portal.

NOTE: Any scheduled invoices that you had set up prior to archiving the contact will be cancelled and will not resume even after you have unarchived a contact.