The registration (or sign-up) page for a coaching program, either embedded in your website, or accessed via the program registration URL link, shows all the information that you set up and configured for a particular program.

The image below shows a coaching program registration page for "High Performance Coaching" program, as an example:

Refer to the image above:

  1. The image that you inserted on the Set up program info in the Program Image/Video section, is displayed as a banner image.
  2. Description about your program as entered in the Program Description
  3. The marketing / informative video is shown if you included the video URL in the Program Image/Video section.
  4. Total Sessions & Duration will be displayed if you checked the 'Display info on the registration page' checkbox. If the box wasn’t checked then this information will not be displayed.
  5. Program Fees as indicated during the setup on the Set up T&C and Fees page.

The client clicks Next to advance to the Enter Details page as shown below.

  1. Field for client to enter their First & Last Name and E-mail Address.
  2. The Accept Terms & Conditions must be checked to advance, if you specified this as a mandatory step when setting up your program on the Set up T&C and Fees page.
  3. Submit button to advance to the Payment page. If no Fees were configured for this program, the client will be directed to the Scheduling page. If 'Allow client to schedule the first session' option was not selected in the program settings, then the client will be taken immediately to the Confirmation page.

In this example here, program fees were set up, and the client goes to the Payment page where the payment options are displayed as shown below.

Client clicks on Choose for the preferred payment option. A window will drop down with the selected payment information as shown below.

Depending on your payment provider, Stripe or PayPal, the client will be redirected to a secure page (https) of the payment provider. They enter their credit card information.

Once the payment has been processed, the client is taken to the Scheduling page as shown below to select the date/time for the first session booking. The available slots are displayed based on the availability settings that you configured in 'Set up scheduling' for this particular program.

  1. CoachVantage automatically detects and displays the time zone where the client is located, in this example Eastern Time – US & Canada. The client can choose an alternative time zone using the drop down selector.
  2. The available time slots for scheduling is displayed based on the availability settings you configured.

Imagine, no headaches having to figure out time zone conversion. Its already done for you and the client.

Refer to the image above:

  1. In this example, the client has selected a time zone for Singapore, Perth. and CoachVantage automatically converts and presents the available slots for booking in this time zone.
  2. The client clicks the preferred time for the session.

The next screen is the Confirmation page, displaying the time, date, program information and client’s email address to which the Appointment Confirmation email will be sent (see below).

The client receives two emails in their inbox, as shown in the image below:

  1. Email confirmation containing the Program Name, time, date, duration & program description, as well as the location (Zoom or Skype, etc.) of the meeting and any instructions you added. The client can click 'VIEW APPOINTMENT' button– this will open the Appointment calendar in the Client Portal, or bring the client to a page to create the client account portal. 
  2. An invitation to Create Account, where the client can create an account portal. It is from the client account portal that the client can then access all files/documents that you added for this coaching program in the program settings. The client can also see the details of the coaching program, and book additional coaching sessions with you for this program, if you have enabled Self-service Scheduling for this program in your settings.

Once the client accepts the portal invite, client can access the coaching program information and files in the Coaching Engagements section of their portal (see below). 

Refer to the image above, which is the Client's Account Portal:

  1. Indicates client’s name
  2. Engagement page shows the name of the program and all the details of this program.
  3. Resources is where the client can access all files included in the program settings and any files that are shared subsequently with the client.