Go to Main Menu>Programs>Enrollments to open the Enrollments page to get an overview of all your programs and enrolled clients. All programs will be listed here, including each client with their enrollment information.

Programs can be collapsed (as shown below) for a quick overview.

  1. Programs can be searched by name in the Search bar, and
  2. Searched by a Select Date Range. Click the Search button to initiate the search.
  3. The Export Enrollment button exports ALL programs into an .xlsx sheet providing basic information as client names, start and end date of the program they are enrolled in, the current status and price paid for the program.
  4. Expand the program view by clicking the down chevron on the right side of the program name.

Once a program view is expanded, basic details about your enrollees are shown (see below), providing information on each client’s progress within the program.

  1. Program Name displayed on the top.
  2. Total Enrollments, the number of clients enrolled in this particular program.
  3. Client information such as First & Last Name, Date Enrolled On, the amount Paid, Start Date and End Date.
  4. Progress displays where the client is within the program, showing how many sessions of the total session have been used.
  5. Status displays if the program is Not Started, In Progress or Completed.
  6. The button menu opens to the options to either Delete the enrollee or Assign Coach to assign team members (with the Aha! Plan) to this client in this program.