Now that your program is set up and clients can effortlessly register online to your program, you need to be aware of who has enrolled and booked a session with you (if you enabled 'Allow clients to schedule the first session' in your program settings).

CoachVantage is configured to send you several auto-generated emails by default, for instance when a client purchases a program, books an appointment or creates a client account portal.

Below is an example of the emails you will receive and the areas in CoachVantage where to find the client’s information.

Refer to the images above:

  1. When a client registers for your coaching program, you will receive an auto-generated email affirming the coaching engagement and the name of the client who has enrolled.
  2. The program name that the client registered for is specified.
  3. You will also receive the appointment booking notification containing the client’s information, (name, email, program enrolled in) in an auto-generated email.

If you click the VIEW APPOINTMENT button in the email, it will redirect you to the scheduled appointment in your CoachVantage calendar.

CoachVantage also automatically creates a contact record of the person who registered for your program, with the First Name, Last Name, Email records created in the contact's Profile page.

The name of the program is also created in the contact's record, in the Engagements page (see image below). If the client booked the first session during the online registration, the Start Date is also specified.


You also have a consolidated view of all clients who have enrolled into all of your coaching programs by going to Main Menu>Programs>Enrollments as shown in the image below. Clicking anywhere along the highlighted area will open the Engagement page for that client for that particular program.