The Contacts page provides a quick look at all of your contacts, providing the most important information such as phone number, email, social pages and if their Client Portal is active/inactive.

  1. Search Bar to quickly help you find a client by entering the client name or a tag that you have associated with a client/s. In the display section you can filter by contact type (client, prospect, etc.) and Sort By First and Last Name. Click the Search button to start the search after entering your criteria.
  2. Add Tag section – You can add relevant tags to contacts so that you can easily search for contacts by tags. You can add tags to multiple contacts all at once by selecting the check box in front of a contact’s name and then clicking Add Tags. Enter a new tag name or select an existing tag name and hit Save. These contacts will now be ‘tagged’ so you can search for them easily on your Contacts page.
  3. All pertinent information of a Contact such as phone number, email address, tag and social pages information.
  4. Client Portal (covered in more detail in the Client Portal section). The dashboard displays if the client portal is Active, Pending Acceptance (pending client to create a portal) or Inactive (the portal has been disabled).
  5. Add Contact button to add a contact individually (see Adding Contacts for more information).
  6. Import Contacts, using the CoachVantage .xlsx template for larger client lists. (see Adding Contacts for more information).
  7. Toggle between Contacts List View and Business Card View.

Contacts Display Formats

By default, Contacts display in List View. Contacts can be displayed as a list or in card format. Select the list or grid button to toggle to your preferred way of viewing contacts as shown below:

The card display format looks like this: