The Dashboard provides a quick overview of the current state of your coaching business. The image below gives a quick breakdown of the different areas within the Dashboard, with each area being covered in more detail and broken down in the sections below.

Calendar Overview

The very top of the Dashboard provides a Calendar Overview which shows information on all your appointments, including both currently scheduled appointments and past appointments, as shown below.

  1. Upcoming Appointments, shown by default display all upcoming appointments by date with the next upcoming appointment at the top, going in descending order. The client’s name, start and end time, type of appointment and location (Zoom, Skype, phone, etc.) are displayed.

Tip: You can click on the Zoom or Skype flags in the ‘Location’ column, to launch these applications from within CoachVantage to begin your virtual meeting.

  1. Clicking on Past Appointments displays all of your past appointments.
  2. You also have quick access to your CoachVantage Calendar by clicking on the Calendar View link.

Clicking on the 3 dots (button menu) at the end of the row will open to show more details on the appointment (see below).

Clicking the View Details button will open the Appointment window which displays more information about the appointment.

The image below shows a close up of the View Details pop-up. This pop-up provides all information entered at the time the appointment was made. You can view:

  1. Notes/Instructions that you have shared with your client.
  2. Private Notes, which only you can see. Private notes cannot be seen by your client.
  3. You can also Cancel Appointment, from here or
  4. Reschedule Appointment on the fly. (See Add New Appointment for instructions on creating and editing appointments). 

Client’s To-Do’s

Know how your clients are doing by having a quick look at their To-Do’s. All clients' Assignments and Goals are displayed in order of the Due Date as shown below.

  1. Task Type displays if it is an Assignment or a Goal.
  2. Due Date will show in RED if the Assignment or Goal are overdue. 

    NOTE: If your clients have missed a due date for an assignment or goal, it could mean that they are stuck and this presents you with a coaching opportunity to help them get unstuck! For this reason, CoachVantage does not send automated reminder emails to clients for tasks to be completed.

  3. Client’s To-Do’s are searchable, by either the Client Name, the Task Type or the Due Date, which is helpful when you manage a big client pool.

Setting Goals and Assignments is covered in detail under the Goals and Assignment sections of the Client Engagement


The Account Snapshot provides a quick overview of:

  1. The number of current Contacts in your account,
  2. Paid and pro-bono coaching hours that have been logged,
  3. Key Metrics such as currently Active Coaching Engagements,
  4. Active Coaching Programs that you have created and are available for clients to sign up to,
  5. Active Events that you have created for online scheduling.


Know exactly what your financial health looks like. The Revenue portion of the dashboard provides a quick view of revenue earned, forecast revenue and invoices that are past due.

  1. Select a Date Range by clicking in the Select Date Range search field. A pop-up calendar will display (refer to the image below). Set your desired time frame, hit Apply and then hit Search to display the Revenue Earned for the selected time frame.

  2. Revenue Earned is total revenue earned to date. It is the sum of all invoice paid amounts.
  3. Forecast Revenue is revenue likely to be earned. It is the sum of all sent invoice amounts that have yet to be paid. 
  4. The number of sent invoices that are Past Due Date. (For more information, go to the Invoices section). 


Once you add team members, quickly identify how many Active Coaching Engagements are currently being managed by your team. Coaches under the Aha! Plan or Coaching Team Plan with added team members will have this section displayed on their Dashboard (see below).

NOTE: Clarity Plan accounts will not have this display as you cannot add team members in the Clarity Plan.