CoachVantage offers several integration options to integrate your CoachVantage account with useful software tools such as payment processors, communication software and calendar integrations.

To set up and configure your integrations, click on Your Name on the top menu to display the drop down menu:

1. Click on My Settings, then                    

2. Click on Integrations






At this point you can configure Zoom, external Calendars, Stripe and PayPal.



Setting up the connection with Zoom is easy.

Click the Connect to Zoom button as shown below and the page will redirect to the Zoom Sign In page. Enter your Zoom username and password and hit Enter.

Zoom will ask to authorize access for CoachVantage. Click the authorize button to connect your Zoom account with CoachVantage.

After authorizing the connection, you will be directed back to CoachVantage. The screen should now display your Zoom account name:

You can also configure Zoom settings in CoachVantage to Enable join before host, Use Personal Meeting ID to create meetings, and to Start meetings without video. These settings will automatically be synced back to your Zoom account and will be the default setting for each appointment you set using CoachVantage.

Once you have integrated CoachVantage to your Zoom account, your Zoom personal meeting ID URL will be automatically displayed on meeting notification emails which are auto-generated by CoachVantage. 

To Disconnect Zoom from CoachVantage, simply click on the Disconnect Zoom button. Your Zoom account will no longer be integrated to CoachVantage.


CoachVantage can connect and sync with your preferred external calendar. There are several choices of calendars to connect to. These include iCloud, Google Cal, Office365, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

NOTE: CoachVantage will only sync with one (not multiple) external Calendars.

Once connected, calendar events that are created in CoachVantage will be synced with your external calendar or vice versa. CoachVantage will also sync any existing calendar events from your external calendar to CoachVantage to avoid double-booking time slots.



Click on Connect Calendar and select the calendar type you are currently using. Enter your username and password.

1. Click the I agree to the Cronofy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy check box.

2. Click to Link your selected calendar account.





Once your calendar is connected, CoachVantage will display which calendar you are connected to. We recommend that you select options to Check calendar for conflicts, Add new events and set up the calendar for Two-Way Sync.

This will ensure that you are not double-booked when setting up client appointments in CoachVantage as it will check your calendar for any external events that are marked as “Busy” and warn you if there are conflicts.

  1. Click Check calendar for conflicts. This feature allows CoachVantage to check your connected calendar for any conflicts in real time before offering invitees open time slots on your event scheduling page. CoachVantage will not present any time slots that show as busy events in your connected calendar on your public-facing scheduling page. This will help you avoid double bookings.

  2. Click Add new events to calendar. This feature allows CoachVantage to add new events/appointments created in CoachVantage to your connected calendar. Enabling this feature will ‘push’ the appointment to your connected calendar, which will show the appointment details that are configured in CoachVantage.

  3. Click Two-Way Sync. This feature gives CoachVantage permission to ‘pull’ appointments from your connected calendar into CoachVantage, meaning anything that you book in your external calendar, e.g. Google Calendar, will then be displayed on the CoachVantage Calendar page as “External Cal – Busy”.

We recommend enabling all the above settings to ensure that you have all your booking/busy information at your fingertips, regardless of which calendar you are using at the time. 

Example: The image below is of an Office365 calendar containing the synced information of appointments created in CoachVantage. The numbers (1 to 4) highlighted in the yellow circles are explained below.

  1. This is a quick view of the appointment, created in CoachVantage and synced to Outlook in Office365. The start time and duration of the appointment is shown here. Other details such as the Zoom link and notes that you have added in the Notes/Instructions field on the CoachVantage Add New Appointment pop-up window will appear here as well.

    Note the arrows in the image above: these are notes from CoachVantage. You can also edit them here and they will sync back to your CoachVantage calendar. The second arrow points to the Edit option. Any changes made to this appointment will be synced back to CoachVantage. Regardless of which external calendar you use, you have all the information and flexibility you need to make or change appointments on the fly without worrying about double-booking or inconsistencies.

  2. If the appointment is scheduled as an in-person meeting, the meeting address will appear here.

  3. If the appointment is scheduled to take place as a phone call, the phone number will appear here.

  4. If the appointment is scheduled as a Skype call, the client's Skype address will appear here.

Note that Google Calendar syncs the Notes/Instructions and has all the meeting information you need at your fingertips:

  1. Face-to-face meeting and location
  2. Skype ID
  3. Zoom link
  4. Phone number



With CoachVantage you can set up direct billing with Stripe. This will enable you to accept credit card payments. Click the Connect to Stripe button as shown below and you will be redirected to the Stripe web site.


  1. If you already have a Stripe account, click the Sign In button to access and connect your Stripe account. 

    NOTE: Stripe is supported only in selected countries. You can refer to this link for supported countries:

  2. If you are new to Stripe, you can create a new account by following the instructions on the screen. Once you have created the Stripe account, Stripe will automatically enter the Stripe Live Secret Key into CoachVantage.



When you have integrated with Stripe, the option to pay with a Credit Card will automatically be included in invoices that you create in CoachVantage. Your client can click on the ‘Pay with Credit Card’ button in your invoice and will be directed to Stripe as the payment processor for secure online payment.



CoachVantage also offers integration with PayPal. Click the Connect to PayPal button as shown below.

A drop-down asks to enter the email address you use for your PayPal account:





There are no further steps to follow here.

When you have integrated with PayPal, the option to pay by PayPal will automatically be included in invoices that you created in CoachVantage. Clients can pay directly online by clicking on the 'Pay with PayPal' button on the invoice.