Before you can invoice or set up fees to charge for your events and/or coaching programs, you need to configure your Invoice & Payment settings. Click on Your Name > My Settings > Invoice & Payment.

Invoice & Payment Settings

The Invoice & Payment settings allow you to select the default currency that you will charge your clients, as well as the Invoice Reminder policy settings for reminder notifications such as Due Date and Overdue Dates.

Set Default Currency

1. Select the currency that will be used for invoicing. The set currency will also be displayed on your online scheduling page and on your coaching program registration page if you charge fees for events and coaching programs, respectively.

Select your preferred currency using the dropdown menu under Set Default Currency, as shown below.

If the currency is changed later, in addition to being applied to future invoices, it will automatically be applied on future Coaching Programs' and Events' payment settings.

NOTE: If you want to change the payment currency for coaching programs and events that were created before you changed the currency setting, you will need to edit the payment settings from the settings page of those affected programs and events.

Invoice Reminders

Select the frequency to automatically send out Invoice Reminders to your clients. These automated reminders are sent as email notifications to your clients.
NOTE: Email notification content is not customizable.

2. Check the box Send auto-generated invoice reminder notifications (shown below) to enable automatic invoice reminders to be generated by CoachVantage.

NOTE: Checking the Send auto-generated invoice reminder notifications box will automatically enable all options by default. You can check or uncheck the check boxes to select your desired options. Click Save to save your settings.