The Notes feature is useful in the following ways:

  1. It can be used as a rudimentary CRM tool, enabling you to take generic notes about your contact. For example, you can jot down notes during a prospecting call or initial discovery call, before your contact has signed up to any of your coaching programs. 
  2. It enables you to search for ALL session notes taken for ALL coaching programs/engagements. The green flags tell you the coaching program name where the note was taken.
  3. If you don't create any coaching programs for enrolment of clients, then this would be the place to take your coaching session notes for your own reference. These notes are always private and cannot be shared with your client.

You can access all the session notes taken in any of the unique Client Engagements, by clicking the 'Notes' link on the Client page as shown in the image below.

You can also create new notes here, which are for your reference only and are not shareable with your client. The only notes that can be shared are the ones created in a unique Client Engagement where they were created. (Refer to the article 'Managing a Coaching Engagement with Your Client' on how to share notes with your clients).

In the Notes page, you have access to ALL notes for this client, regardless of which program or engagement they were taken under. No more digging through endless piles of paper!

TIP: Make your Note Titles descriptive so that it's easy for you to search for what you're looking for. 

Refer to the image below to understand what each number below represents:

  1. Clicking the NOTES menu link brings up all Notes taken regardless of the unique client engagement.
  2. You can Search Notes by a keyword in the note title as well as search by date.
  3. Click Add New Note to add a note that will be for your eyes only (i.e. they are private notes) and cannot be shared with the client.
    TIP: This feature is useful if you wish to take generic notes, for example if you had a prospecting call with this contact, you can jot down notes of your conversation and any follow-up actions needed. Alternatively, if you don't wish to give your client access to a client portal for whatever reason, then you can take your coaching session notes using this feature.
  4. Green flags indicate the name of the coaching program that the notes were taken under. This is useful especially if your client is enrolled in more than one coaching program / engagement. 
  5. For notes that were taken in a unique engagement, the 3-dots button menu will allow you to either Share or Delete the note. 
  6. After creating a note or making changes, click the Save button, to save the note.