The client profile page holds all the pertinent contact information from the client’s name, address, date of birth, email address, company name, title, social pages' links, etc.

NOTE: If your client has created an account portal, then the client's first name, last name, email and time zone will change from editable fields to non-editable fields. In this case, only your client can edit those fields (i.e. name, email and time zone) from his/her account portal. Any changes that your client makes in their portal will update the details in your account accordingly. 

Refer to the image above:

  1. You can assign a Contact Type, such us Current Client, Prospect, Hot Lead or Past Client from the drop-down menu. You can also add a custom contact type by clicking on Add Contact Type. Type in any contact type you want added and hit the Save button (highlighted in red in the image below). 

  2. Information such as the client’s social media sites can be added, like a website URL, Facebook, LInkedIn and Instagram URL. These will then show as clickable links next the to client’s information on the Client Page. You need to type in the full URL address such as

  3. If you would like to add a custom field to the Profile page, you have the flexibility to do so. A custom field can be added on the bottom of the Profile page. Simply click the Add Custom Field link to open a pop-up to enter the name of the custom field. Click Save to save the Custom Field Name.
    NOTE: Adding a custom field will apply to all Contacts Profiles, not just the one where it was created.

    In the example in the first image, a custom field “Referred Clients” was created. This is shown in the image below as well.

    Clicking the pencil icon next to the name will open a pop-up to either Delete the custom field or allow to modify the name of the custom field and Save the new name.
    NOTE: Changes to a custom field will apply to all Contacts Profile, not just the one the change was made in.
  4. Make sure to click the Save button to save your changes in the Profile page.