Once upon a time, when tech was still exciting, you appreciated being able to send an attachment with email. Even though, you can now send large files using email attachment, it is no longer necessary to burden your client’s inbox.

The Resource Library is your one-stop-shop where all commonly used files, folders, videos, images and templates for your coaching engagements can be stored. Instead of needing to add an attachment to emails for new engagements or enrollees, all necessary materials can be shared from the Resource Library to the Client Account Portal (covered in the Client Account Portal section). This is an efficient and sure-proof way to ensure that all clients receive the same documentation and are not going to lose or miss it.

  1. Access the Resource Library by going to the Main Menu and click on Resource Library.
  2. The Resource Library holds separate spaces for Files and Templates. You are currently viewing the Files section as shown above.
  3. Files can easily be uploaded, and Folders created in CoachVantage, which can be attached to programs and shared with clients.
  4. The Storage indicator will keep you updated on the amount of storage that files and folders are using. If there is a need for more storage, click the Upgrade Storage link below the indicator to open the My Subscription page where you can add additional storage to your current plan.

Take a little bit of time to learn the Resource Library, and we promise you’ll be glad you did!

Files & Folders

CoachVantage can hold all the digital files for your coaching needs. It is easy to share digital files with the client, which can be downloaded by the client from the account portal.

The Resource Library page (see below) puts all the controls at your fingertips.

  1. Files can be uploaded to CoachVantage using the Add File button. Files can be anything from Word documents and .pdfs and .xlsx files as such, to images (.png, .jpg, .gif, etc.), audio and video files (.mp4). Clicking on the Add File button opens the drag & drop any files window. Select the files from the external source of your choice and click Add to upload the file to the Resource Library.
    NOTE: Several files can be uploaded simultaneously.

  2. Folders are created in CoachVantage using the Add Folder button. The Add Folder pop-up opens. Type in the name for the folder and click Save. The folder will now show in the My Files section in the Resource Library. You can always edit the folder name later if needed.

  3. The coach can select to share files or entire folders with clients, individual or all, by ticking the box next to the file or folder name and then clicking on Share With button. The Share Resources pop-up window then lets you select to either share with Clients (or Team Members if using the Aha! Plan).
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Files can only be shared with clients who have an active account portal.

    Click in the Select Clients field to get a drop-down list of all clients (it will only show clients with an active account portal, or type the client’s name. Alternatively, you could also tick the Select All box to share the file or folder with every client that has an active account portal. Then click Share.

  4. Once you have created a Folder, files can be moved into specific folders by ticking the box next to the file name and then clicking Move To button. The Move To pop-up window opens. Select the Folder to which you want to move the files to and click Move.
    NOTE: Once you moved a file into a folder, it can not be moved back to the files section. It can be deleted or moved to another folder if needed.

  5. Files and entire Folders can be removed from the Resource Library by ticking the boxes next to the file or folder name and then clicking the Delete button. This will delete the files/folders permanently and can not be undone.

  6. The Shared With Me section is a place where clients can share their files with the coach from the client account portal. Shown below is a .pdf file that was shared by a client from the client account portal. The file name and the client’s name who shared is shown, the dateit was shared and file size. The file can be viewed by either a. clicking on the file name itself or b. clicking the button menu on the right and select Download.
    NOTE: The file will download directly to your device, it can not be previewed at this time.

  7. The My Files section is where all your current Folders and Files are displayed. To see files contained in the folders, you must click on the folder to display the contents. Files contained in a Folder can also be individually shared, moved, edited or deleted by clicking the button menu on the right side of the file name as shown below.

    You know that you are in the Folder section by looking at the highlighted area in the image above, which shows the document path in the Resource Library.

  8. Files that are stored in the My Files section can be Shared With clients or team members (applies to Aha! Plan or Team Plan accounts only), the file name can be edited or deleted using the button menu as shown in the image above.

NOTE: If any modifications that need to be made to the contents of a file, the file will need to be downloaded, edited and a new version uploaded. At this point in time, you will only be able to edit the file name in CoachVantage and not its contents.


In coaching we rely on many tools to help our clients, including templates to share with clients, like action sheets or goal setting exercises. There are templates for contracts, intake forms and many other uses. A coach might use templates that are meant for the his/her eyes only to be used during a coaching session.

Either way you use templates, CoachVantage helps keep templates at your fingertips. Templates are easily accessible during a coaching session and event or program creation.


Most templates are generally used during a coaching session or client engagement. The Template Notes section provides the space to create your favorite templates in CoachVantage. Templates can be pulled up in the Client Engagement Notes during a session and later shared with the client if the coach choses to do so. See the image below, which shows the Template section in the Resource Library.

The highlighted area in the top left shows the document path, to get here click on Resource Library>Templates>Notes.

  1. The Notes section displaying already contained templates that were created.
  2. Add Template button, opens a new window to create your template in. The New template page opens. The Template Name is a required field, and then enter any information into the Description field as shown below.

A full word toolbar is available so tables, italics, bold and other design options are available to make the template as needed. You could also just copy & paste contents from your existing templates into the space here.

If you recall the Notes in the Client Engagement section, there are two types of Notes that can be taken.

  • Create Notes straight from the Engagement page. (All/Global Notes)
  • Create Notes within a specific client engagement such as a program.

The Note template created in the image above (Success Habits) is now available to you by clicking the Use A Note Template From My Resource Library button. When you click the Add New Note button on the client Engagement page, the Add New Note window opens (see below). Select the Use A Note Template From My Resource Library and then select the template from the drop-down menu.

At this point, the ‘Success Habits’ Note opens (see below). You will be able to edit/write into the note field and then Save the filled in template to retain on the client record. The Note name and content can be changed as needed, as well as the record could be shared with the client.

NOTE: Notes are only shareable if they were created within a specific client engagement.


To get here, click on Resource Library>Templates>Contracts. Your coaching Contracts can be kept in the Contracts area of the Resource Library as shown below.

  1. Make sure you are on the Contracts page.
  2. To add a contract, click the Add Template button. A new page opens, as shown below.

  3. Enter the Template Name for your contract template.
  4. Click the Choose File under Upload PDF File. Note, only files with a .pdf extension can be uploaded here. Then click Save.

  5. Your coaching contracts are displayed in the folder from where you can access them.
  6. Your contract can be shared with Team Members (applies to Aha! and Team Plan accounts only) by clicking on Share With Team. You can edit the Name of the contract by clicking Edit or download the file by clicking Download or remove the file permanently by clicking Delete.

Intake Forms

Before starting a new engagement with a client, some coaches like to use an Intake Form to gather basic or more detailed data from the client. Go to Resource Library>Templates>Intake Forms.

  1. Shows that you are in the Intake Form section.
  2. Click Add Template, the next page opens where you enter the Template Name as shown below.

  3. Enter the Template Name, make sure it is a descriptive name for your template, you will be able to access these later from the Add Intake Form when creating an Event or program.
  4. Click the Add New Question button to open the New Question window (see below).

  5. Add your question in the Question field, which is a required entry (indicate by the red asterisk).
  6. Select if This question must be answered and is not optional by ticking the checkbox on the left. This way your prospect must answer the question in order to proceed. Alternatively you can leave this box unchecked, and your prospect can skip the question if they like to.
  7. Select the Answer Type – you have a choice of
    1. One Line – provides one line for your prospect to write out a short answer
    2. Multiple Line – provide more space for typing out a longer answer
    3. Radio Buttons – client can select only one answer here of all the choices given.
    4. Checkbox – client can tick several answers to the question.
  8. When creating questions with Radio Buttons or Checkbox, you have an Answer drop-down to fill in the answers for your prospect. These will be shown on the intake form. To remove a question, click the Red X (see below).

  9. To add an additional Answer, click +Add Another to add an additional answer box to fill.
  10. Tick the Include “Other” option box if you would like to have “Other” as an additional answer. This will offer a field for the prospect to type in their answer.
  11. Click Apply to save the answer or Delete Question to remove the question.

The image below shows a preview after you entered your questions.

  1. Example of Radio Buttons, the prospect can only select one answer.
  2. A Single Line answer field.
  3. Multiple Line answer field.
  4. Checkbox answers, allowing for multiple choices on the answers by ticking a box, and the “Other” field, a single line to write in an answer.
  5. Click Add New Question to add another question to the form.
  6. Clicking the Pencil icon reopens the existing question for editing. To re-order the questions, grab the cross-hair icon (and hold down the mouse button) and drag the question into your preferred order alignment.
  7. Click to Save the question form with all questions in it or Cancel which will remove the form and all questions.

Once the Intake Forms have been created, you can always return to edit them by clicking on the button menu on the right (see below). Intake Forms can also be shared with team members (Aha! Plan only) or deleted.

Once you have finished creating your Intake Forms, they are now available for use when creating Events or Programs.

In the image below, several screen shots put together when creating a coaching program. On the New Coaching Program page is the part asking to Add Intake Form.

  1. Click Intake Form to open the Add Intake Form pop-up.
  2. Click on Select an intake form template from your Resource Library.
  3. The drop-down will show all available Intake Forms, select the form you would like to use and click Add.

The Intake Form preview will be shown on the New Coaching Program page. Once the coaching program is Active, the client will get the Intake Form in the Questionnaire section when they are filling out the Registration Page for the coaching program as shown below.

The information collected on the Questionnaire page will be copied down into a Note and available for you to review the answers by going to the Client’s page All Notes section as shown below.