In general, any coaching program or offer that you create and publish online would need to be hosted and made accessible for prospective clients to sign up to.

This typically requires purchasing hosted space (unless you already have your own website), somewhere to host the digital files and protect them, membership software (to control downloads), the payment processor integration and an autoresponder so clients can access their purchase right away.

There are a lot of pieces that need to fit together. If you prefer to spend your time coaching rather than figuring out all of the tech aspects to make your coaching programs available online, CoachVantage provides an elegant solution! 

CoachVantage provides the nuts and bolts for you to easily create and launch your coaching program online, even if you don't have your website created just yet.

Coaching programs that you create in CoachVantage will have an online registration (or sign-up) page hosted automatically by us. It allows you to collect payments online and will generate an invoice automatically for your clients.

Your clients can also submit their answers online to an intake form (or questionnaire) that you have set up in your program settings.

If you have set up scheduling in your coaching program settings, your client can immediately schedule the first coaching session with you as well, as part of the registration flow.

Once your client has made payment and completed the registration process, an email notification is automatically sent to them to confirm their enrolment into your program. They are asked to create a client account portal to access your program. 

Any files or resources that you make available as part of your coaching program in your program settings can be accessed by your clients in their account portal.  These resources could be instructional videos, worksheets, a welcome pack, a contract agreement, etc.

Clients can also self-book coaching session appointments with you from their account portal, if you have enabled this.

In addition, CoachVantage enables you to promote your coaching programs on your website. All you need to do is to select 'Website embed' and copy-paste the iframe embed code into your website builder. 

See the image below for an example of a website showing the coaching programs embedded into the website using a simple line of code which can be copied/pasted, as covered in the Managing Coaching Programs  section below.


Managing Coaching Programs

Go to Main Menu>Programs>Coaching Programs to open the Coaching Programs page. This page displays all coaching programs that you have created. Once a coaching program has been created you can manage it from this page.

Refer to the image above:

  1. A URL link is permanently assigned to your main Coaching Programs page, for example: https://yourcompanyname.coachvantage.com/coaching-programs
    This page displays all your Active Coaching Programs that are made Public.  Programs that are configured as Private will not be displayed on your main Coaching Programs page. (see Creating Coaching Programs for more information on making a program Public or Private)
  2. Link to the Enrollments page, where all Coaching Programs' Enrollment information is displayed such as the names of people who have signed up and the status and progress of the program. This is covered in more detail in the Enrollments section below.
  3. Create Coaching Program button opens the page to create a new coaching program. This is covered in more detail in the Set up Program Info article.
  4. Drag and drop to reorder icon - click and hold on this icon and move the program in the order you want it displayed on your page. 

Coaching Programs' Management Options

There are several options for managing each coaching program after they have been created. Note that the coaching program summary is displayed for each program (see image below). The summary view provides the name of the coaching program and a short description. The number of sessions, session duration, program duration and fees are also displayed.

Refer to the image above:

  1. The 3-dot button menu opens the options to either Copy Link, placing the URL link onto your clipboard or Website embed, which opens the Embed on you Website pop up where you can copy the iframe Widget or Button Widget. (See the iframe Widget and Button Widget section below for more detail).
  2. Slider is set to Active Program by default. Click on the toggle switch to select Inactive Program if you no longer want  the program to be available.

    NOTE: You cannot delete a program after it has been created. You can only make it an Inactive Program if you no longer want clients to be able to sign up to it, or if you no longer offer the program. 
  3. The 3-dot button menu on the right offers several options
    • Edit Program, opens the coaching program to the Set up program page so modifications can be made directly to the program.
    • Website Embed, opens the Embed on you Website pop up where you can copy the iframe Widget or Button Widget.
    • Preview Registration Page opens the Coaching Program registration page, using the same URL as shown under item #4. Providing the coach a preview of the registration page.
    • Invite Clients opens the Invite Clients To This Program pop up.
      NOTE: You can only invite clients to your program if they have an active client account portal.
      The window will also show which clients this program has already been shared with. Only names of clients with an active account portal are available for selection. Select the client names you would like to share the program with and click the Share button. The client will receive a notification email to register to the program from their account portal. CoachVantage will automatically 'push' the program to the Client Account Portal in the My Coach>Offered Programs menu. Your client will then need to click on the 'Register' button to enrol himself/herself into your program.

    • Share with Team opens the Share Coaching Program pop up window. This feature is applicable to coaches who have added team members to their account. If you share a coaching program with a team member, the program will be automatically replicated in their account. They can then offer the program to their clients and mange the coaching journey associated with this program for their enrolled clients.

    • Copy Registration Link copies the Program Registration page URL to your clipboard and you can then paste the link in your email or social media pages such as LinkedIn or Facebook.
      TIP: Putting your registration page link on your social pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., enables your followers to click on the registration page link and sign up to your program, even if you don't have a website just yet.

Embedding Coaching Program Registration Page on a Website

iframe Widget & Button Widget

Your Coaching Programs' main page which lists all your active programs, or a specific coaching program registration page can be embedded into your website using the:

  • iframe widget - this creates an enbedded page in your website, or a
  • button widget - this creates a clickable button that redirects to your program registration page

To embed the Coaching Programs main page into your web site, simply click on the button menu next to the sub-domain URL listed on the top left of the Coaching Programs page.

  1. Copy Link, which automatically copies the link to your clipboard when you click on it, and you can then paste the link into an email or your social pages, etc.
  2. Website Embed, which opens the pop-up that contains the embed code (as shown in the image below), that can be copied by clicking the Copy button on the right for either the iframe Widget or the Button Widget. Both these lines of code can be added into your website builder or sent to your web designer to add to your website. You can paste the code into your website in the code block in the designated area.