Sessions (or appointments) can be managed directly from the Client Page by clicking the Sessions menu link. All upcoming sessions are displayed on the Upcoming Sessions sub-menu view pane. All past sessions will be displayed on the Past Sessions sub-menu view pane.

Refer to the image below:

  1. The Upcoming Sessions pane displays the Start Time, End Time, the Program or Appointment Name, Location and the Coach (for team plans, you will see the name of your team member who is conducting the session).
    TIP: the Location flag (in blue) is clickable. If the location is Zoom or Skype, then the Zoom or Skype application respectively will be launched when you click it. 
  2. Add New Appointment button allows you to schedule a session with this client. The client's information such as name and email will be automatically populated in the pop-up window (refer to second image below).