It’s easy to sign up for a CoachVantage account. If you haven’t yet, go to and click on the FREE TRIAL button. 

You’ll be taken down the page to select your choice to sign up as a Solo Coach or a Coaching Team.

Click on the FREE TRIAL button for the plan that best meets your business needs, whether you're a solo coach or a coaching team or organization that manages a team of coaches.

You will be redirected to either the Solo Coach webpage or the Coaching Teams webpage, depending on your selection. The pricing and features for each plan type will be displayed. 

CoachVantage offers a 14-day free trial period for all plans.

Solo Coach Plans and Pricing

There are two solo coach plan options, with different pricing and features:

The Clarity Plan is ideal for coaches who are just starting out, with up to 10 clients and offering up to 2 coaching programs and 2 events for online scheduling.  

Subscription to the Clarity Plan is $29/month or $313/year (10% savings for annual subscription).

The Aha! Plan is ideal for established coaches with more than 10 clients and offering a range of coaching programs or events for online scheduling.

Subscription to the Aha! Plan is $49/month or $529/year (10% savings for annual subscription).

Both plans are feature rich and provide all the robust tools a professional coach needs to manage, increase sales and grow their coaching business.

You can upgrade from the Clarity Plan to the Aha! Plan, however there is no downgrade path once you are on the Aha! Plan. 

NOTE: If you think you might have more than 10 Contacts, we recommend starting out with the Aha! Plan from the beginning.

Features Comparison for Solo Coach Plans

The Clarity Plan allows you to have a maximum of 10 active contacts while the Aha! Plan allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts. 

(Although we use the term 'contacts' and 'clients' interchangeably, a 'contact' can mean a client, a prospect, a lead, or any other label you choose to assign to a contact.)

By default, the Clarity Plan has a data storage limit of 500MB while the Aha! Plan allows you to have up to 1GB of data stored in your CoachVantage account. 

Additional storage can be purchased as an add-on at $5/month for every 10GB block.



Another difference between the Clarity Plan and Aha! Plan is that with the Aha! Plan you can create an unlimited number of Scheduling Events for clients to self-schedule (such as setting up a discovery call for prospects to schedule appointments with you or setting up a separate schedule for coaching appointments for existing clients).


With the Aha! Plan you can add up to 2 team members, whereas the Clarity Plan does not offer this option. 

This is useful if you want to give your Virtual Assistant access to your account for administrative tasks. It is also useful if you work as a small team of coaches, for example a husband/wife or partner coaching team.

You will be able to manage your team members' permissions and account privileges within your CoachVantage account.

Coaching Team Plan and Pricing

The Coaching Team Plan is for coaching organizations with a team of coaches to manage their coaching team and client engagements easily and professionally. 

The person who first signs up to the Coaching Team Plan is the 'Account Owner' and will be able to add team members to the CoachVantage account. The Account Owner has full rights and privileges to the account.

The Account Owner will be able to assign team members with roles and access rights and privileges upon adding team members (i.e. internal coaches, external coaches or admins) to the account.

Subscription to the Coaching Team Plan starts at $245/month for up to 5 team members

Each additional team member can be added at any time for $19/month.

There is a 15% savings for annual subscriptions.

Signing Up For Your 14-Day Free Trial

Once you've decided on the plan that's right for your business, enter your email address and click the Start Free Trial button:

We highly recommend using your business email to sign up as this will be used as your account log-in username. It is also the email address that your clients will see and where you will receive account notifications. 

After clicking the Start Free Trial button, you will be redirected to the CoachVantage Sign Up page:


Fill up the Sign Up form as shown below:



  1. Enter your First Name.
  2. Enter your Last Name.
  3. Enter your Email.
    Note: The email address will also serve as your account login user name. It will also be seen by your clients. You can change your email address later if you wish to in your account settings.
  4. Enter your Business Name.
  5. Create your sub-domain name (URL)
    (example It is highly recommended that you use your business name. If you don't have a business name, you could use your own name. The sub-domain name must be unique. If the business name is already in use by someone else, you will need to select another name.
    Note: The sub-domain name will be visible to your clients and all your public-facing pages and cannot be changed. Please choose carefully! 
  6. Time zone - select the appropriate time zone that you are in. Time zones are grouped by CONTINENT. Make sure you select your correct time zone. It can be changed later if needed in your account settings.
  7. Create a strong password, it must be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols with a minimum of 8 characters.





You have created your CoachVantage account and can start delivering exceptional results for your business and clients.


What's Next?

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