To access client details, click on the First Name or Last Name in the Contacts pane.

The client page opens. On the top left of the page, the menu breadcrumb will tell you which active page you are currently viewing. For example, if you are viewing the coaching engagements page of your client, Sigefroy Brockhouse, the menu breadcrumb shows Contacts / Sigefroy Brockhouse / Coaching / Engagement.

This client page is the heart of all the client’s information at your fingertips. Coaching Engagements, Notes, Shared Files, Session information, Contracts, Invoices and client Profile information are all accessed from here. The menu bar in the center (#4 in the image below) is where you can click to view details of each item.

  1. By default, the client page opens to the Engagements view, as shown above. An "Engagement" refers to a coaching program that you have created with a contact. 
  2. The client’s contact information such as phone number, any tags you assigned, client website information and social media links is displayed.
  3. The 3-dots button menu on the right will allow you to either Edit Profile or allow you to Share the contact with a team member (if you have added team members to your account). The contact can also be archived using the Archive Contact button. (See article on Archiving Contacts).
  4. These are clickable links to view details of each item. We will explore these in more detail in the coming sections.
  5. Toggle switch to let you enable or disable a client’s access to their account portal. The toggle switch appears only after a client has created a Client Account Portal. It will either show Portal Active to indicate that your client has access to the portal or Portal Disabled to indicate that your client does not have access to the portal. When you make a portal active or disable it, your client will be notified by email. If you have not yet sent an email invitation to your client to create a Client Account Portal, instead of the toggle switch, a ‘Portal Invite’ button will be displayed. You can click on the button to send an email to your client to invite them to create a Client Account Portal. The status will then change to Pending Acceptance, indicating that the email has been sent and is pending your client to create the portal. Once your client has created the Client Account Portal, only then will the toggle switch appear, allowing you to control access to the portal if needed.
  6. A search bar to search client engagements by Coach or by the Coaching Program, for clients enrolled in several programs.
  7. The Create New Engagement button will open the Create New Coaching Engagement pop up window, which will be covered in more detail in the Creating a New Coaching Engagement article.
  8. A quick overview of all the client’s current Coaching Engagements. The button menu on the right-hand side opens the options to either Assign Coach (if you have a team member) or Delete the Coaching Program Engagement.