CoachVantage makes it easy to keep track of your coaching hours. Paid and Pro-bono hours which can also be exported to a comma delimited file.

  1. Coaching logs can be searched using the calendar from the drop-down menu and selecting a specific date or date range.
  2. Logs can be filtered by All Coaches or an individual Coach on your team.
  3. Export Data button will prompt CoachVantage to immediately download to your device in a spreadsheet format (.csv) which can be opened by Excel or similar programs.
  4. Display of your Total Paid Hours, these are automatically recorded when you select the Log coaching time for this session automatically in my Coaching Log check box when creating a New Appointment. This number changes based on the search criteria selected.
  5. These are your Total Pro-bono Hours displayed, if you checked the This is a pro-bono coaching session when making new appointments.
  6. The information bar for each session. Showing the Coachees First and Last Name, Start and End Date of the coaching engagement, Paid Hours and Pro-bono Hours. This is not a clickable field, you have to go to the Client’s engagement page for further detail.

However, the Coaching Logs page allows the coach to quickly pull their coaching hours if needed for any continuing training or certification courses.